Asesino En Serio (2002)

 “It’s the first time a murderer uses the G-spot as a weapon.”

In Asesino en Serio (AKA Serious Killer) detective Comandante Martinez (Jesus Ochoa) begins investigating the serial murders of prostitutes in Mexico City. The corpses are all beautiful naked women found face down, and all of the victims have rapturous smiles on their faces. There are no wounds, no signs of trauma, and according to the coroner, the cause of death is excessive pleasure, or in other words, Death by Orgasm. Martinez is intrigued. He’s having problems in his love life with the nubile and nasty Yolanda (Ivonne Montero). So while he investigates the murders and wants to find the killer, he also hopes to discover the secret of the technique used to kill these women. Meanwhile, corpses of grinning women begin turning up at an alarming rate.

The plot may sound like some sort of tacky ‘adult’ film, but it’s handled here so well, that instead, Asesino en Serio is a light comedy full of quirky characters. Martinez–a great detective character who keeps a bottle of Tequila under the front seat of his car–is soon hot on the trail of the killer, and along the way he finds a very bizarre kinky priest Padre Gorkisolo (played by the talented Santiago Segura), a depressed anthropologist, a transvestite music-addicted prostitute, some ancient sex rituals, and an Aztec Pleasure Chamber. To complicate matters, while investigating the murders, Martinez runs a parallel investigation of his own involving an insurance scam.

Directed by Antonio Urrutia, Asesino en Serio is proof yet again that the Mexican film industry is enjoying a Renaissance. While the film is a light comedy, it’s also full of sly jabs at ecclesiastical corruption–and some of the very best scenes are those with talented Spanish comedian Santiago Segura in a great role as the corrupt Padre Gorkisolo. The DVD doesn’t have much in the way of extras–just two versions of the trailer and a filmography. In Spanish with English subtitles.

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