Live at the Avenue B (1999)

“The one who searches and destroys.”

Iggy Pop is one of Punk’s greatest survivors. When he played at the Ancienne Belgique theatre in Brussels on December 2 1999, he was an amazing 52 years old. With his scarred yet strangely ageless body, Iggy proves he’s still a Wild One and this performance stands as a testament to his stamina, endurance and tremendous talent.

For this DVD–Iggy Pop Live at the Avenue B–Iggy and his excellent band–The Trolls–perform 21 songs that span the course of his lengthy career:
1. No Shit
2. Nazi Girlfriend
3. Espanol
4. Raw Power
5. Search And Destroy
6. Shakin’ All Over
7. Corruption
8. Real Wild Child (Wild One)
9. I Wanna Be Your Dog
10. I Felt The Luxury
11. Home
12. Lust For Life
13. The Passenger
14. Cold Metal
15. Avenue B
16. TV Eye
17. I Got A Right
18. No Fun
19. Death Trip
20. Sixteen
21. Louie Louie

The concert begins deceptively quietly with Iggy sitting cross-legged at the front of the stage with a guitar to play his first song. But it’s not long before he bursts into his raucous wild sounds with his usual seemingly endless energy. Iggy moves seamlessly from one song to another, and there are so many good ones that it’s impossible to pick one favourite (Mine=Lust for Life, The Passenger, Real Wild Child, I Wanna Be Your Dog). Iggy occasionally launches himself into the audience, and fans storm the stage at one point. While Iggy looks a little stressed when the women pile on top of him, it’s clear that he’s happy to be there on stage in front of an appreciative audience–A phenomenal concert that’s a must for fans.


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