Love Letter to Edie (1975)

“I play in John Waters films.”

I placed this film in the John Waters category (even though it isn’t directed by him) so that fans of Edie Massey may be able to find the review. For anyone interested in getting a copy, I got mine straight from the director (Robert Maier) who sells on e-bay.

Fans of John Waters films will appreciate this short film gem Love Letter to Edie directed by Robert Maier. Edith Massey, who died in 1984, is perhaps best known for her role as Edie, the Egg Lady in Pink Flamingos. In the film, which is approximately 15 minutes long, Edie tells her life story with re-enactments of the high points–first as an orphan, a dancer, a madam, and she was also a barmaid and thrift shop owner in Baltimore where she met John Waters. Clips include scenes of Edie in her most famous roles, Edie discussing working with John Waters, and John Waters discussing working with Edie.

An additional 15 minutes of footage includes the director’s–Robert Maier–memoir of Edie. He describes how he came to work with John Waters and Dreamland Studio, and also how he met Edie. Maier notes how Edie ‘stood out’ from the cast, and he was inspired to make this film–at the cost of $1500. Maier recalls Edie, her thrift shop, her many cats, and also her kindness. This short film is a gentle, touching tribute to perhaps one of the cinema’s most unusual stars.

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