A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine/The Brick Dollhouse 1966/1967

“Get away from me you pervert.”

It’s easy to see why Something Weird Video packaged these three films together for a triple feature–they’re good examples of 60s ‘adult’ films. Obviously very low budget, with terrible acting, and thin plots, all three films cash in on theoretical sexual naivete, underwear and endless bathroom scenes. All three films use any excuse to show the female ‘stars’ undressing, stretching, dancing and generally jiggling at the camera.

There’s the title film–the strongest of the three–A Smell of Honey, A Swallow of Brine (1966) which concerns Sharon, a young girl who teases men and then when she pushes them far enough, she calls the police and files assault charges. The film follows the games Sharon plays until the one night she meets her match. From director Bryon Mabe.

A Sweet Sickness (1968) is supposed to be a morality tale about tinsel town (“Hollywood. Where a beautiful body isn’t enough”). A naive young girl arrives from Kansas (of course!) and hopes to hit the big time. She takes a job in a strip auction and eventually ends up as a drugged participant in a whipped cream party. The Big Bertha scene was the highlight of the film. From director Jon Martin.

The third feature, The Brick Dollhouse (1967) is the only one of the three films in colour, and it truly has a swinging 60s feel. The film begins with three roommates coming home to find the fourth girl–a stripper complete with a cheap red wig–topless and shot to death–sprawled out across her bed. Detectives question the three nonchalant roommates (one files her nails). A wild party life emerges involving spin-the-bottle, scenes on the billiard table and even a few peeping through keyhole shots. From director Tony Martinez.

All three films take advantage of every moment to show endless shower and bath scenes. The girls go around half dressed (even answering the door topless at one point). It’s mainly a lot of silly naughtiness, and your tolerance for that may vary. This triple feature is not as campy as many of the Something Weird titles (my all-time favourite is Satan in High Heels), and these three films definitely lean towards the adult film industry. With Something Weird Titles, I seek a High Camp Factor (HCF) but here it’s unfortunately drowned by all the topless frolicking, and ultimately the occasional inadvertent humour isn’t much of a payoff.

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