The Lady Confesses (1945)

“Why don’t people get murdered at a respectable hour?”

Vicki McGuire (Mary Beth Hughes) is soon to marry Larry Craig (Hugh Beaumont). Larry’s wife Norma (Barbara Slater) disappeared about 7 years ago, and according to the law, Larry’s marriage can be dissolved in a few weeks time, so Vicki and Larry plan on getting married as soon as it’s legally possible. Vicki is at home one evening when she gets a visit from Norma (Barbara Slater). Norma, dressed in furs and ferried in a chauffeur driven car, spitefully announces that Vicki can shelve her wedding plans, as she’ll never give Larry the divorce he wants. Vicki, shocked and upset, tries to track down Larry, but he’s just arrived drunk at the 7-11 nightclub on Hawthorne Boulevard. Here Larry makes a nuisance of himself–bothering the bar owner Lucky (Edmund MacDonald) and singer Lucile Compton (Claudia Drake) before passing out in Lucile’s dressing room.

When Vicki and Larry connect, hours later, they decide to visit Norma’s house and plead their case, but they arrive to find that Norma has been murdered. In spite of Larry’s ironclad alibi, he remains the main suspect. Vicki decides to go undercover at the club, investigate and find the real killer.

The Lady Confesses directed by Sam Newfield is a fairly pedestrian film with little to recommend it. It’s not terrible–but it is mediocre. The story is rapidly paced and although it’s just over an hour long, the film still manages to stuff a couple of musical numbers into the plot. At the film’s conclusion, unanswered questions remain, and the story’s strongest characterization is Vicki while the others remain fairly undeveloped. My Alpha DVD is acceptable. A few of the scenes (some interior scenes and scenes in a car at night) are overly dark, and the picture skips just a couple of times. And on another note, the DVD cover depicts a woman wearing a red see-through dressing gown, but the transparency of the actress’s clothing is solely for the cover of the DVD.


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