Carry On Loving (1970)

 “Come here, you little raver.”

In the town of Much-Snoggin-on-the Green, Sid Bliss (Sid James) and long time girlfriend Sophie Plummer (Hattie Jacques) own the Wedded Bliss Marriage Agency. Sid has steadily avoided matrimony for decades, but since that doesn’t look good for business, Sid and Sophie pretend to be a happily married couple. Squabbles break out between Sophie and Sid concerning the female clientele–he says it’s his job to ‘vet’ each one personally. His latest obsession is with dressmaker Esme Crowfoot (Joan Sims). Suspecting that Sid is meeting Esme on the sly, Sophie employs private detective James Bedsop (Charles Hawtrey) to record Sid’s every move.

In Carry on Loving a range of lonely singles seek romance through the Wedded Bliss agency, and in true Carry On tradition, most of it goes wrong. There’s undertaker’s assistant Bertram Muffet (Richard O’Callaghan) who makes model aeroplanes out of milk bottle tops, raver-seeking Terence Philpot (Terry Scott), dowdy Jenny Grubb (Imogen Hassall) who lives in a mausoleum of disapproving relatives, and Percival Snooper (Kenneth Williams), a marriage counselor who’s a fussy confirmed bachelor. Patsy Rowlands stars as Miss Dempsey–Snooper’s Jekyll & Hyde housekeeper.

Carry On films were a series of tremendously popular lowbrow comedy films made over a period of several decades in Britain. The Carry On team included some of the best talent in the British acting industry. Carry On comedy relies on cliches and double entrendre, and Carry On Loving is one of the saucier entries in the series. While some familiar faces are missing from this Carry On film, it’s still great fun and sheer delight to watch it again after so many years.

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