Satan in High Heels (1962)

“What I need is some fresh air and a man.”

Stacey Kane (Meg Myles) is working as a burlesque dancer in a carnival sideshow when her heroin addicted ex-husband Rudy turns up in her dressing room with $900 cash. Stacey isn’t exactly thrilled to see her ex, but she is thrilled to get her hands on the $900, so she grabs the cash, and runs off to New York.

On the plane she meets Louie (Ben Stone), and he’s so impressed with Stacey’s charms that he introduces her to nightclub manager, Pepe (Grayson Hall). Stacey also meets nightclub owner Arnold Newman (Mike Keene), and his spoiled son Laurence. As Pepe observes “there’s an awful lot of wear and tear when you play both sides against the middle.”

Satan in High Heels is one of the Something Weird DVDs, and it’s great fun. While it’s high camp and extremely cheesy, it’s a surprisingly well-made little film–full of cliches, hilarious lines, and bizarre characters. There’s barman Paul (Stacey insists on calling him Paulette), the statuesque entertainer, Sabrina (superficial, sweet, and accompanied by her Borzoi), and the androgynous observer of human nature, the ringmaster Pepe.

Stacey is a great character too. She’s rough around the edges, cold, bold, and as tough as nails. Pepe tries to turn Stacey into a class nightclub act, and ends up producing a leather-clad, whip swinging entertainer who belts out The Female is Deadlier than the Male. With dark shadows under her weary eyes, Stacey knows the game. While she’s supposed to play the role of sex kitten to the current man who keeps her, she can’t accept this vulnerability, and she constantly turns the tables in all her relationships until she’s the one in control.

Previews show other Something Weird titles, and if you’re into camp (like me), you’ve just hit the mother lode. DVD special features include 2 shorts: Satan and The Virgin and Latex She-Devils, and a 61 minute feature The Wild and the Naked. Favourite lines from Satan in High Heels: “You need discipline,” “I’m going to reform. I really am,” “take a look at the bedroom…” “I think I can have him if I want him and I do.” From director Jerald Intrator.


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