Dead Pet (1999)

“Is this a cult or something?”

College junior Jake Thompson (Kevin Cotteleer) comes home from Harvard for the summer to discover that his dysfunctional parents have spent his entire college fund on an operation for the family’s 13-year-old poodle, Miko. What’s more, Jake’s bedroom is converted to a “pink shrine” recovery room for Miko. Faced with a summer earning enough money to go back to school, Jake’s life unravels as he sinks into a series of misadventures.

Dead Pet is definite cult film material. Written, directed, and starring Kevin Cotteleer, Dead Pet is obviously a LOW budget film, so some elements remain unpolished and raw. But so what? If you want big budget go out and grab Titanic. The fact that the film is low budget caters perfectly to the peculiar plot, and the bizarre characters in Jake’s miserable life. It captures perfectly the culture of the gung-ho sales office of Matador knives–the empty pep talks, the trophies, & the constant pressure to get sales. Comedy is a touchy genre. Show a comedy to a dozen people, and they all have a different reaction. Dead Pet is NOT a slick comedy–it’s funny because there’s one normal person here, and that’s Jake, and he’s surrounded by the dysfunctional, the bizarre, and the downright psycho. Dead Pet is one of the funniest, laugh-out-loud, original films I’ve seen in ages. Be warned, however–I lent my film to several people, and about half of them loved it. The duller half, however, gave up after about 5 minutes.


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