Fabio Montale (2001)

 ” I’m not in your corporation anymore.”

fabioFabio Montale is a three-part made for French television crime drama based on the Marseilles Trilogy by Jean-Claude Izzo. The film’s protagonist is Fabio Montale (Alain Delon) who begins the series as a veteran Marseilles policeman. The first film Total Chaos concerns the return and subsequent murder of Montale’s sole surviving childhood friend, Ugo. Ugo returns to Marseilles to commit a revenge killing, and when he’s killed during an arrest, Montale refuses to swallow the official police story. Montale is aided and abetted by his loyal sidekick Captain Peyrol (Cedric Chevalme).

In the second film, Chourmo Montale is on the brink of retirement when his cousin approaches him for help. It seems that her son has a forbidden assignation with a young Arab girl, and he’s now missing. Once again Montale is swept into a situation full of intrigue and double crossing. Threads of the story lead from the first film, and it seems that a web of mafia violence is destined to stalk Montale and his acquaintances.

In the third film Solea Montale retires, and instead of enjoying a peaceful retirement in his idyllic clifftop home, he’s dragged once more into his violent past. His friend, Babette, who’s compiling a case against organized crime, has received death threats, and those nearest to Montale are dropping like flies. But in spite of this, our hero, Fabio, still finds time to attract the young babes.

The three-film series is quite faithful to the Izzo novels. This is a stylish police thriller, and since it’s all based in Marseilles, we get a good taste of this city–its rabbit warren features, along with spectacular shots of the coast and harbours. If you like police crime drama, then chances are you’ll really be able to sink your teeth into this. But this 3-film set doesn’t really dwell on the psychological aspects of the story and is instead more like an American police crime thriller just transplanted to the glories of Marseilles. Fabio Montale (291 minutes) is in French with subtitles.


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