El Seductor (1995)

“I saw you watering that woman.”

Cosme (Antonio Hortelano), a 15-year-old boy, sets his sights and his libido on his new neighbour, Merche (Maria Barranco). After giving her a lift on his moped, and getting a glimpse of her underwear, Cosme begins to look for excuses to wander next door. He manufactures illnesses to stay home from school and uses his free time to ogle Merche while she sunbathes outside. Cosme’s efforts to sustain a relationship that leads to the bedroom are hampered by his amusing family, sabotaged by the maid, and jealously noted by his high school girlfriend.

There’s nothing new in El Seductor–including the standard bratty little sister who rats on her brother with delight. There are amusing moments (when Cosme learns that Merche is a chiropractor, for example, he thinks that’s something vaguely similar to being a masseuse), but the amusing moments are too few to raise this film beyond mildly entertaining. The subject of the libidinous teenager overwhelmed by desire for the older woman is common fare for comedy films. The Italian film Malena is an excellent example of how the old theme can be developed into a more meaningful story. Unfortunately, El Seductor is–nothing more or less–than a pedestrian, tepid comedy. In Spanish with English subtitles. From director Jose Luis Garcia Sanchez.

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