Blonde Ice (1948)

“You’re not a normal woman.”

Claire Cummings (Leslie Brooks) juggles three men at her wedding reception–millionaire hubbie Carl Hanneman (John Holland), cast-off beau Les Burns (Robert Paige), and newspaper man, Al Herrick (James Griffith) who flaunts a lighter that was an expensive gift from Claire. Within the first few minutes of the film, Claire is established as a seductive femme fatale, and for a film noir character, she’s as wicked as they come. Many film noir femme fatales resort to manipulating their men to murder–not Claire–she murders and doesn’t blink an eye. Claire murders men when they cross her or become roadblocks to her ambition, and through the entire film, she manages to blind-side lovesick Les Burns to the obvious facts.

“Blonde Ice” is a B film noir–the cast members are mainly forgotten, but someone had the brains to revive this gem and sell it on DVD. The quality of the film is more than adequate, and the DVD is loaded with extra features:
A television episode of “Into The Night” (this had me in stitches)
Performance of the song “Satan Wears a Satin Dress”
Interview with film restorer Jay Fenton
Commentary by Jay Fenton
Film noir trailers.
Bios of the stars
“Edgar Ulmer-A Fascinating Possibility.” (Details the possibility that cult director Ulmer may have written the screenplay)

The main characters deliver good performances. Leslie Brooks as Claire is spectacular–her manner seems sincere but there’s also an emotional vacancy there. She’s one of the most appallingly evil femme fatales I’ve seen on film. The plot disintegrates right at the film’s conclusion, but for originality and content, it still deserves top marks. Film noir fans should make a point of seeking out a copy of this obscure film. Favourite line: “Don’t let’s quarrel. We can do that after we’re married.” I loved this film.

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