I’m the One You’re Looking For (1988)

 “You never know what madness our hearts will go for.”

On the way home from an assignment, beautiful model Natalia (Patricia Adriani) is raped by a stranger. She tries to put the incident behind her, but there are inevitable consequences, and she becomes obsessed with finding her unknown assailant. In the course of her search, Natalia meets a taxi driver (Chus Lampreave), and Salamander, a cabaret performer. Natalia discovers that it’s easier to confide in these new acquaintances than in her own boyfriend.

im-the-one1I’m the One You’re Looking For is a dark and disturbing film–first there’s the crime, and then there’s the victim’s response to it. Natalia doesn’t run off for therapy, she looks for revenge. Forget that silly film Lipstick which had the same sort of plot–I’m the One You’re looking For takes an entirely different approach, and many viewers may find Natalia’s response unacceptable. This is not an action thriller–this film is complex and character driven. Director Jaime Chavarri plays with some of the myths surrounding rape, and Natalia’s boyfriend’s ultimate response plays into those myths. Surrealistic scenes add to the bizarre quality of Natalia’s search, and the film is based on a story by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, so expect magical realism. Ultimately, this film is quite unforgettably beautiful and strange. Fans of Spanish cinema should enjoy the ambiguous ending. This film is one of six in the Gabriel Garcia Marquez collection.

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