Antics in the Forbidden Zone

“I spend my cash on looking flash and grabbing your attention.”

The VHS tape “Adam Ant: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone” includes videos of 13 songs from Adam and the Ants made between the years 1980-1985. Songs include:

1.Kings of the Wild Frontier
2.Dog Eat Dog
4.Stand and Deliver
5.Prince Charming
6.Ant Rap
7.Goody Two Shoes
8.Friend or Foe
9.Desperate But Not Serious
10.Puss N’ Boots
12.Apollo 9
13.Vive Le Rock

While Kings of the Wild Frontier is performed in the studio, the other 12 songs are music videos. Several of the videos are based around popular fairy tales, and these themes are perfect for Adam Ant’s flair for theatrics. Who can forget Adam Ant as a highwayman or as a medieval knight? Prince Charming is perhaps the most elaborate music video and includes Diana Dors as the Fairy Godmother–with flashes of Adam Ant dressed as Clint Eastwood, Alice Cooper, Rudolf Valentino, and Marlon Brando.

The music videos allow Adam Ant to show his acting ability, and he really hams it up at times–once even standing next a huge bodybuilder. Fans will remember these videos from MTV, and it’s great to see them again compiled together in this 50 minute VHS tape. While the images are not crisp and clear, the quality is not bad (the first sequence, Kings of the Wild Frontier, is the poorest quality). There are also a lot of good close-ups. So here’s Adam Ant once more–with all his wild energy, and zest for life. Will there be a DVD release? Let’s hope so, but in the meantime, this VHS tape is staying in my collection.

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