Hercules Against the Moon Men (1964)

“Under the evil influence of Uranus.”

Hercules Against the Moon Men–an Italian sword and sandal film–is every bit as absurd as its title suggests. Wicked Queen Samara (Delia D’Alberti) rules the kingdom of Samar, and she’s secretly in cahoots with the Moon Men–an alien race who’ve taken up residence on the Mountain of Death. Queen Samara regularly sends chained, screaming, resisting human sacrifices to the invaders. The people get so fed up, they send for Hercules/Maciste (Sergio Cianni AKA Alan Steel) a tanned, oiled, muscle-bound hero. He can knock down rows of the Queen’s men like bowling pins and effortlessly toss others into vats of wine.

The film is dubbed. The Alpha DVD is a bit crackly for the first scenes, and the picture is tolerable–but not clean and crisp. The film’s colour is faded. The most bizarre feature of the film is the hodge podge blending of mythology. There are bits of Roman and Greek culture weaved with Egyptian motifs, and even a pinch of the labyrinth of the Minotaur thrown in for good measure. There’s one scene with Hercules wearing what appears to be undies with a lacy waistband. Ultimately–this is truly cheesy cinema with zero camp appeal.


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