The Machine (1994)

An exceedingly silly and cliche ridden film

Gerard Depardieu and Nathalie Baye–both BIG names in French cinema–star is the stink-o thriller The Machine. Depardieu plays ‘brain specialist’ Dr. Marc Lacroix–a man who’s obviously spent too much time with the criminally insane. Dr. Lacroix is obsessed with the criminal mind–specifically “how the mind fits into the brain.” And, so, naturally, he builds a machine capable of transferring or switching a brain from one person to another. The intent of this lunacy is to allow Lacroix full access to the brain of a psychotic killer with the idea that this will point to “a different angle for treatment.” Lacroix’s planned experiments are a big secret he doesn’t mention to his colleagues. The machine–and it rather suspiciously resembles a pair of those awful full head dryers–is hidden in the cellar of Lacroix’s conveniently abandoned creepy family mansion.

Dr. Lacroix forges a relationship with foul-mouthed serial killer Michael Zyto, and before too long, Dr Lacroix whisks Zyto off to the abandoned country estate for a little BRAIN TRANSFER. Now picture this … you–the eminently respected brain specialist–sit in one chair, and the murderer sits in the other. You push the control buttons, and hey presto–you are in the murderer’s body, and oooops … he’s in your body …

Is there a fundamental problem with this plan?????

The entire premise, is, of course, silly. The special effects (computer screens with diagrams of the head) are simplistic, and there is an over-reliance on narration when it comes to the small issue of plot. Gerard Depardieu is a wonderful actor, and it’s a shame to see his talents wasted in this hideous film. From director Francois Dupeyron, in French with subtitles.


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