Peter Greenaway’s Top Film List

Peter Greenaway is one of my all-time favourite directors. Brilliant and strange, his films by their very nature do not appeal to all. Oh well… anyway, I was delighted to discover this list of Greenaway’s favourite films, and I was curious to see what films he considered the best ever:

Last Year at Marienbad (Resnais)

Breathless (Godard)

La Notte (Antonioni)

The Rules of the Game (Renoir)

The Seventh Seal (Bergman)

Strike (Eisenstein)

Throne of Blood (Kurosawa)

Fellini’s Casanova (Fellini)

8 1/2 (Fellini)

The Marquise of O (Rohmer)

This list appeared in Facets Movie Lovers DVD guide 9/07 p19

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