Here’s my top ten (not including my own – which I liked quite a bit, I’ll admit)

BOB LE FLAMBEUR – Jean Pierre Melville does a French gangster film based on American gangster films – and it’s amazing.

MODERN ROMANCE – Albert Brooks is in my top 3 favorite directors – this is probably his best.

SLEEPER – you gotta have a Woody Allen movie. Sorry but his earlier funnier movies were better IMO.

THE GRAND ILLUSION – one of the greatest…. It’s always great to watch prisoners trying to escape.

WAGES OF FEAR – the greatest idea for a movie ever made: driving nitroglycerine over a mountain in a crappy old truck. Genius. Remade as Sorcerer and it still worked, even though it bombed.

BLUES BROTHERS – John Landis is the perfect comedy/music film director. This is a work of pure genius mostly written by Dan Aykroyd. “I hate Illinois state Nazis.”

THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT – The Who at their finest. Again, cinema and music go together so darn well. I can watch Keith Moon drum for hours.

TAXI DRIVER – I built a shrine to Scorsese during film school. I wish I still had it.

TREASURE OF SIERRA MADRE – I should have also built a shrine to John Huston. He directs his dad to an Oscar and solidifies an already brilliant career.

MAGNUM FORCE – and to Clint Eastwood, who’s got a really dark sense of humor. He and Don Siegel outdid Dirty Harry and got laughs in some very subtle places.

And three recent titles:

BONUS: THERE WILL BE BLOOD – PTA did a brilliant job of writing such an incredible character. DD Lewis is really darkly funny in the way he deals with religious nuts… Channeling John Huston, but it works.

IDIOCRACY – sadly overlooked Mike Judge. But it’s something to show your kids!

JACKASS – have you ever laughed harder in a movie? Then it’s a great comedy.

(I asked writer/director Michael Addis if he’d contribute a list of his favourite films to the blog, and here they are. If you are one of the few people on the planet who has not seen POOR WHITE TRASH, then do yourself a favour and watch it. For more information about Michael Addis and his films, visit http://www.michaeladdis.com)


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