Saturn in Opposition (2007)

 “Rules exist even in relationships.”

In Saturn in Opposition (Saturno Contro), director Ferzan Ozpetek creates a vibrant, vital film that deals with issues such as friendship, death, loss and grief. The film quickly establishes the relationships between a close-knit group of friends and then charts what happens when tragedy strikes.

saturn-in-oppositionSuccessful writer Davide (Pierfrancesco Favino) lives with his lover Lorenzo (Luca Argentero). Others in the group include Davide’s ex-lover, Sergio (Ennio Fantastichini), married couple Neval (Serra Yilmaz) and Roberto (Filippo Timi), and successful therapist Angelica (Margherita Buy) and her husband, banker Antonio (Stefano Accorsi). Also in the group is the troubled, coke sniffing, pill-popping Roberta (Ambra Angiolini) and newcomer, doctor and budding writer Paolo (Michelangelo Tomasso). All these characters are introduced within the first minutes of the film, and it’s a bit overwhelming to absorb who they all are and their significance to one another, but no matter. Once the first few minutes of the film are over, not too many new characters are added, so it’s possible to settle in and just watch and enjoy this sensitive portrait of friendship.

In adversity, some of these relationships are stretched to the limit, and sadly already-strained relationships cave in under the pressure. Just how these characters offer support and love is the substance of the film that showcases Ozpetek regulars.

Ultimately this is not my favourite Ozpetek film, but then again there’s some stiff competition. I’d rank this one probably my least favourite with the following order: Steam, Facing Windows, Harem Suare, His Secret Life, and now Saturn in Opposition in last place. In some ways, Saturn in Opposition reminds me of His Secret Life–a death, and the friends who form an ad-hoc family of characters.

I loved the scenes that depicted Antonio and Angelica’s children. The parental presence seems largely absent in this home, and instead the daughter dominates and terrorises her younger brother. Clearly the adults in the film prefer each other’s company with the children left–more or less–to their own devices. Friendship–rather than familial connections dominate here, and this is underscored by Lorenzo’s father and stepmother’s visit. They remain largely ignorant of Lorenzo’s personal life.

Not a lot happens in Saturn in Opposition, but then again that’s the film’s structure, and the plot focuses on relationships not action. The film’s exquisite beauty is found in scenes with perfect shots–the empty bench, empty rooms and the final shot of the abandoned table–all echo the ephemeral qualities of life and the enduring relationships between friends.

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  1. iselldreams

    i watched all the movies by Ferzan Ozpetek and i must say he is really a good director. He knows how to capture the things in life!

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