Steve Erickson’s Favourite Film List

If you haven’t read Steve Erickson’s book ZEROVILLE, and if you are a film lover (must be because you are reading this), then I urge you to grab a copy and read it. It’s the story of a young drifter named Vikar Jerome who arrives in Hollywood the day the Charles Manson family rampaged through the home of actress Sharon Tate. Ex-seminarian Vikar, a cinema savant eventually rises through the ranks of the Hollywood film industry. If you love film, you will love Zeroville.

Anyway, this is author and film critic Steve Erickson’s film list:  

The Third Man



The Godfather, part II

Double Indemnity

Lawrence of Arabia

The Lady Eve

The Passion of Joan of Arc

2001: A Space Odyssey

My Darling Clementine

Jules and Jim

A Place in the Sun

The Shop Around the Corner

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