Megan Abbott’s Favourite Noir Film List

 Megan Abbott, author of Die a Little, The Song is You, Queenpin and Bury Me Deep graciously sent me a list of her all-time favourite noir films, and here they are:

 1. In a Lonely Place

2. Kiss Me Deadly

3. Sweet Smell of Success

4. Naked Kiss

5. Double Indemnity

6. Sunset Boulevard

7. Laura

8. The Killing

9. Fallen Angel

10. DOA

11. The Locket

12. Phantom Lady


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2 responses to “Megan Abbott’s Favourite Noir Film List

  1. Great list! Also check out the Megan Abbott-edited anthology, A HELL OF A WOMAN (2007), featuring Cornelia Read’s Shamus Award-winning story, “Hungry Enough,” Daniel Woodrell’s Edgar & Anthony Award-nominated story, “Uncle,” and an appendix of over 50 pages of essays by top crime writers on their favorite female noir pioneers, films, books, and characters. As the CHICAGO TRIBUNE put it, “[The] 51-page appendix honoring female pioneers of noir fiction and film… is worth the price of the book alone.” Enjoy! 🙂

    Megan Abbott really is one of today’s most original and talented crime writers!!

  2. Guy A. Savage

    Thanks David. There will be an interview with Megan Abbott next month on

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