Noir Quotes-His Kind of Woman (1951)

“This story didn’t happen in Italy. It only started there.” (voice over)

“Guess what upper crust crumb just bought a plushy villa looking over the Bay of Naples?” (radio)

“I went down there to cure a cold and wound up doing thirty days.” (Dan Milner)

“I’m going to go home and go to bed where I can’t get into trouble.”(Dan Milner)

“I never bet on a race in my life that wasn’t fixed.”(Dan Milner)

“Are you in the oil business or are you spending all your alimony at once?”(Dan Milner to Lenore Brent)

“I’d rather sing than clip coupons. But then I have a million dollars, so no one takes me seriously.”(Lenore Brent to Dan Milner)

“Given enough time and ammunition, you might very likely rid the world of all animal life.” (Lenore Brent to Mark Cardigan)

“I’ve forgotten a lot of things, but you’ll never be one of them.” (Mark Cardigan to Lenore Brent)

“I want information and I’m beginning not to care how I get it.” (Dan Milner)

“I was just getting ready to take my tie off. Wondering if I should hang myself with it.” (Dan Milner)

“The boys know not to mess up his face.”

“That’s nice. You’ve got good hands.” (Lenore Brent to Dan Milner)

“Every once in while, a good man like a good horse, gets into a slump.”

“You know, you can’t take his opinion on anything. He’s an intellectual.” (Myron Winton to Mark Cardigan)

“If I don’t hook my man in two weeks, I might be hitting you up for a job.” (Lenore Brent)

“Were you in love with me last night?”(Lenore Brent to Dan Milner)

“It’s too bad we both have to die for something so rotten.”

“The fireworks start any time now.” (Dan Milner to Lenore Brent)

“Stick with me, Bucko. This is my private hunting ground. I know it like an owl knows his tree.” (Mark Cardigan to Dan Milner)

“I stole a gun for you.”(Lenore Brent to Dan Milner)

“One of your fellow Americans need help, and all you can do is stand there gaping.” (Mark Cardigan)

“Wake up little boy, wake up. I want him to see it coming.” (Nick Ferraro)

“I haven’t met as many rich dames as I’d like to, but I know one thing–they all have a terror of talking about their dough.” (Dan Milner)

“But I don’t like to shoot a corpse. I want to see the expression on his face when he knows it’s coming.” (Nick Ferraro)

“I was going to kiss it all goodbye for you.” (Lenore Brent to Dan Milner)

‘You’re not going to find a thing except yourself.”

“Ok, so you’re a man. How could I tell?”
“Don’t feel so bad. There are a lot of places in the world. They’ve all got women in them.”

“There’s only one way to handle welshes.” (Nick Ferraro)

“Here’s one anesthesia where death doesn’t follow in one year. It follows right now.”


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