Noir Quotes-Dead Reckoning (1947)

Right now the cops are after me. Not that I’ve done anything wrong, father.” (Bogart/Murdock to priest)

“If I can’t work this out, I want somebody to know what happened.” (Bogart as Murdock to priest)

“Didn’t I tell you, all females are the same with their faces washed.” (Murdock to Sgt Drake)

“Stalled again like a jeep on synthetic gas.” (Murdock voiceover)

“He’s as crisp as bacon.” (Copper to Murdock in morgue)

“Not doing much business for the one cool spot in town.” (Murdock to copper in morgue)

“All that’s missing is the sledgehammer highball and a pair of snake-eye dice.” (Murdock voiceover)

“Think I fell for that fancy tripe? Let’s have a new story, baby.” (Murdoch to Coral Chandler)

“I’m not the type tears do anything to.” (Murdock to Coral Chandler)

“I never think when I gamble. I just feel and I feel snake eyes.” (Murdock)

“Keep the motor running and the headlights on.” (Murdock to Coral Chandler)

“As a good last gesture, just shoot straight and make it fast, will you?” (Martinelli to Murdock)

“All mushy outside and hard at the core, eh?” (Murdock to Coral Chandler)

“When a guy’s pal is killed, he ought to do something about it.” (Murdock)

“Here’s a little melody for you. One of my favourite tunes.” (Murdock KOs Krause)

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